Saturday, June 9, 2012

Man Hibernates for a Week (Blog Post of Evil #15)

Me oh my…It's been a while hasn't it? Well, I have a very good explanation, so let me go ahead and give my excuses and then I'll continue with my evil ploys. 
So the last few days I've been feeling somewhat stressed and have been having a hideous lack of ideas, this led me to attempting to hibernate. I spent Monday eating as much as physically possible and then I simply laid in bed for the next five days…I just got up this morning. Honestly I don't see what the bears like about it, I couldn't manage to sleep the whole time and I ended spending most of it staring at the ceiling, but you live and learn. 
So now that you are fully updated as to my late actions I'll give you a quick update on some of the evil schemes I thought up while attempting to hibernate…You know, would the fact that it's not winter be any reason for hibernation not to work? I'll have to try this again later this year. Anywho, back to the evil ploys. Firstly I got a fairly genius idea to steal all of those hot dog stands around town, but I dismissed that one because it turns out my fridge can only hold up to a few hundred hot dogs, and I'd need a lot more room. Plus what would I do with all the carts? So next I set my sights a bit higher, this time to conquering the city by means of continually flushing all of the cities toilets remotely until they're forced to give me control…but I'm not even sure why I thought that might work. Also it turns out that when I tried it on my own toilet it ended up exploding…So I quickly abandoned that one.
Thinking of a genius idea to impress the league has been much more difficult then I thought it would be…It has to be something with a lot of pizzazz and stuff, hmm, give me some time though! I'll get it going. 
Also as a side note I should be posting more regularly now that I'm done hibernating.

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